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Our experience has been allowing us for thirty years to be at the forefront in the design and construction of industrial furnaces.

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Engineering and Design

Detailed selection of refractory material for any application. the most suitable design for any refractory type and for any kind of application including special shapes and anchoring system. we provide also any type of forms for the selected special shape, disigned and fabricated by a very skilled personnel.

We design and realize "turn key" :

- Furnaces for aluminum plants; production, homogenization, standing, pouring channel and transportation, cold room

- - Furnaces for zinc production and dipping tank with heating applications by chimney or airspace.

- - Furnaces for iron metallurgic plants.; Applications: heating, thermal treatment, annealing, channel, pit furnace, trackfurnace and others. Furnace can be realized for burn, f. Gas, naphtha or eletrical source.

Sirc know-how utilizes the logic for handling the management system with plc, suitable for controlling flow, temp, with selected Working cycle. Moreover we can supply bms interfaced with other software.